The prophecy of certain judgment and sure deliverance is basic to the scriptural teaching concerning the Day of the Lord. This is checking up on who he can depend upon to fight and protect them the best. Accordingly Nahum writes his short prophecy 1 to announce the doom of Nineveh and the demise of the mighty Assyrian empire and 2 to bring a message of consolation to a sin-weary and oppressed Judah. Thus, this short pericope contains two short commands given in irony vv. The Revelation given through John pictures the joy of heaven at the proclamation of that great wedding supper of the Lamb for His waiting bride: Whereas Joel speaks of the horse of the chariot, Nahum focuses on the rumbling of the chariot wheels.

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Have the man come to me and he will know that there is a prophet in Israel. It is a macabre and melancholy setting. The swords and the chariot wheels looked like lightning, when the sun shined upon them.

Thus the suffix is written without mappiq as is often the case before following soft sounds. Diodorus speaks of the carousing of the Assyrian officials and troops and reports that the Assyrian king sent nahsm his family with much treasure. In the first portion, God is declared to be a just judge of the ungodly 1: In a dramatic structural shift from hymnic to narrative style, Nahum turns to Nineveh in application of the teaching of his hymn.


Although this type of paronomasia is common enough in the OT e.

The city fell within three months, a surprisingly brief period in view of the fact that the comparable city of Babylon withstood the Assyrian army, masters of siegecraft, for well over a year. At such times the military and civilian personnel in a besieged city often resort to drunkenness. Travers puts it well: The book of Nahum is a collection of poems announcing the downfall of Assyria, one of Israel’s worst oppressors.

The two are also often placed together in Ugaritic. Race furiously, O chariots! That they do not belong here appears not only from the fact that they are superfluous in the poetic form, but also from the additional fact that they introduce a verb for the first and only time into a series of phrases thrown off in ejaculatory fashion one after the other, like a series of stereopticon views.

University Nahma,pp. Nahum 1 Nahum 3. For details, see S.

Gordon, Ugaritic Textbook Rome: The word appears in v. The battle is so great, that even the fir trees tremble.


Moreover the divine shepherd Himself Ps. Those who see a rigid acrostic in vv. Cheeriot annals of the Assyrian kings repeatedly report the ravenous rapacity of the Assyrian conquerors and the barbaric cruelty with which they acquired their ill-gotten gain. World English Bible The chariots rage in the streets. Wiseman, Chronicles of Chaldaean Kings London: They describe instead the reprehensible conduct of men toward Yahweh, thus motivating the threat that follows Isa.


The book of Nahum reveals that God will punish all evil empires. | The Bible Project

Quick Search the thousands of Bible studies on this website. The translation suggested here nabam. With the pronouncement of the irreversible decision of divine judgment, once again there is a word for Judah. The aim of this chapter and succeeding introductory chapters is to acquaint the reader with the crucial questions that have affected the interpretation of the biblical passages under consideration. The Creator, controller, and consummator of this world and its history is the same one who will not leave the guilty unpunished.

Nahum Chapter 2 Explained

Like locusts her merchants and officials flee and leave Nineveh alone, leaderless, ill-equipped to meet the advance of the locustlike army that was even now about to surround her. The order of the MT is reminiscent of Ps.

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